What we do


We believe that the best way to invest in the world's future is to educate a child.

In our first decade, we focused on orphaned and disinherited children in Cross River State of Nigeria. We are partnered with local community schools to increase access to education. We provide tuition, books, uniforms, computers and study materials, sporting equipment, recreational facilities for the communities’ children. We hope to work with the communities to equip their community high schools. The corporation has also set up a vocational/skill acquisition training scheme for school dropouts and disadvantaged young men/women in the communities to learn a trade.

Missing Children

An estimated 8 million children are reported missing each year around the world.

Of that number, according to the latest U.S. Department of Justice research, an estimated 800,000 children will go missing in the United States. As a person whose Grandma got missing and did not come home ever again, I have an idea of the pain parents and families of missing children experience. We are committed to working with local communities and local police departments to find and return kidnapped, exploited, and abused children. Please join us. These missing and exploited children are counting on us and are holding to hope that we will not renegade on this duty.

Nutritious Meals,
and Medical Care

We provide nutritious meals and monitor the health and growth of children each day in Cross River State.

We plan to bring these services to other states in Nigeria, the United States, Haiti, and the Philippines. In addition, we implement appropriate sustainability programs based on the needs represented in each country.

Safe, and Clean Water Projects

Only second to oxygen, water is humanity's greatest need.

Sadly, too many communities still struggle with this necessity. That explains why Fountains of Compassion has committed to drilling boreholes and providing and distributing water filtration systems. We also train and equip local partners where safe water is not available.

Fighting Homelessness Among Seniors

Longevity ought to be a blessing. Unfortunately, in Nigeria and most 3rd world countries, seniors are accused of witchcraft and abandoned by families.

Generational poverty leaves most homeless as well. We are currently building our first Senior Citizen’s Home in Kakwagom, Boki, Cross River State. We help these communities create healthy living environments by teaching appropriate sanitation practices, provide hospice and senior needs services to help them live and pass with dignity.

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